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Service Policy

The company who has high quality products is not necessarily successful, but one company of both high-quality products and good service must be a big success! So, we not only assure our quality, but also we pay special attention to service. The specific details are as follows:

Service before sales

1, Be active in communicating with customers, finding out their true needs.
2, Collect market information earnestly, and share all of it with our partners at the same time.
3, Any consultation will be treated seriously. Whatever question will be answered objectively.
4, Customer will be accompanied, and presented with our factories and offices.
5, We take part in the related exhibition regularly; visit the potential and regular customers.
6, Discuss the market direction with customers, suggest or help our customers to develop and handle the market.
7, we have products’ technique characteristics interchange, guide and train staff on line.
8, Professional sales consultant will serve you one-to-one.
9, We only recommend suitable equipments to right customer, unsuitable equipment would never to customer even it has much profit in short time.

Service after sales

1, Contract once be signed, one specially-assigned-person will be in charge with relevant procedure such as manufacturing, QC, packing and shipment and make sure the goods will satisfy the customers in quality and the time of shipment.
2, Both the spare parts and its supplied time should be ensured.
3, Upon arrival, the quality and after-service of the goods can be inquired at the first time. Any damage, shortage or other problems can be solved.
4, After the goods arrived at the port of destination, we’ll pay attention to the sale and competing situation and offer suggestions and resolutions.
5, Warranty: one year
6, Any feedback of our shortcoming will be welcome! We will improve our product according to your suggestion
7, We will visit our client at home or abroad regularly and will assist the selling in the local market during the visit.
8, The customer whose sales amount reaches our requirement will be courteously received, we will invite you travel to China and visit our factories and office. Of course, we cover all the fees.
9, The customer whose sales amount reaches our highest requirement will not only enjoy the policy of travelling to China and visiting our factories, but also enjoy 2 percent discount next year.